Mko Galoyan

Full Stack Developer | React/Node

About Me!

Full Stack Web Developer in React/Node. Passion for startups.
Web Development, Security and Blockchain are my areas of interest.

Some of my projects!

My Github
Follow my coding adventures on github to see what cool projects I'm working on!

React Celebrity Detector
A Celebrity Detector that uses ReactJS and Clarifai API. Hosted on GitHub. Click here to try it!

Phaser Ball Game
A game made using the phaser framework using Javascript and HTML5. Code can be viewed on GitHub. Spacebar to jump. Click here to try it!

Timeweave Landing Page
The landing page for
Technologies used: HTML, JS, CSS, Bootstrap, Jquery

Sela Vista
A wordpress website for a small business with a catalogue.

Self Checkout
A self checkout program for a university Java Project.

Personal Blog
A personal blog built using Django and other front end frameworks.
Still a work in progress.

8 Bit Racers
A 8 Bit mobile racing game. Old project. Done in Game Maker Studio.

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